New Legacy Family

It have ben awhile since i posted anything here. And im sadly have to say i am probably not going to continue The Amber Family Legacy. I found it hard to get ideas for storytelling and i have stopped playing sims on pc and moved over to the sims 4 on the ps4. I have started a new blog of my ps4 sims legacy. This blog will not have so much storytelling but instead be more of me sharing my progress in my gameplay and to share pictures of my Sims familys life.

I hope you will follow me on my new sims family blog.

Everdeen Legacy


Custom Content Tips

I was looking for some good cc hair for my sims and i stumble up on a very good blog on tumbler, maybe you already know of this one or maybe you don’t. This person have converted a lot of hair for adults to children and toddler. So if you are looking for some good hair for your toddlers and children check in Fabienne on tumbler.

simiracle wings os1027 kids