About the Blog

Welcome to my Sims blog. I am a 30+ woman who loves to play The Sims. I have played since The Sims 3 but are now moving over to Sims 4. I have a son who will turn one year in July and he takes alot of my time, but i will still try to update here regularly. I will make posts on my gameplay and challenge. Some will only be update on my games and some will be more story based.

If you have any questions or feedback you’d like to give me? Just contact me or leave a comment on my post. If you don’t want to follow the blog but want info on when i have posted something new you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter as well if you want to. The Links can you find on the home page.

You can also find me on The Sims 4 gallery ID-Twilight_Bella67.

Enjoy your reading 😀